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How to get a slimmer waistline?



[For Men and Women]



What is it?

A waist trimmer is typically a neoprene type of belt that is used to fasten around your waistline. It enables your body to sweat off the excess water from the abdominal area. Your sweat is the excess water from your body which is the water weight. Losing the water weight contributes to weight loss.

With the help of a sweating waistband, it’s a great help with your daily workout. This is the main benefit of wearing a sweating waistband.


How it works?

ViQ sweating waistband is designed to help you sweat more and to get rid of body toxins in a very natural fashion. It does so while promoting focused heat build-up, an increased blood flow, and better heat retention in your focused core waist region while exercising. Interestingly enough, this sweat belt offers great lumbar support as well.






Step 1: A sweating waistband will be inside a box, rolled and packed.

Step 2: Unroll it out.

Step 3: Hold both ends of the belt, the darker part should be on the outer side.

Step 4: Place one end of the belt to cover the front of your abdomen.

Step 5: Wrap around and fasten the belt around your waist once fully secured.




✔️ Stimulate sweating
✔️ Aligns posture
✔️ Adjustable firm fit
✔️ Supports lower back