Q. What are reward points/vouchers?

  • They act as currencies that can be used on our website to make purchases. You can purchase items with just reward points! Each product’s points earned/needed for purchase will be shown.





Q. How do I get reward points/vouchers?

  • Reward points are given out at every single purchase, even sale items. For each RM1 spent, you get 1 point.

  • Let’s help each other out! Fill up the survey here and get yourself reward store points worth RM10.



Q. How do I use my reward points/vouchers?

  • Simply redeem them before checking out your cart




Q. Is there an expiry on my reward points/vouchers?

  • Reward points do not expire as long as you remember your account login. If you have forgotten your login, just press ‘forgot password’ when you log in and you’ll be sent an email with instructions.

    Vouchers, however, do come with an expiry date. Please be sure to use them before they’re gone forever!




Q. Can I use these points/vouchers in store?

  • No. Unless stated otherwise, online and store promotions are not the same.