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Waterproof Backpack

What’s a dry bag ?

dry bag is a type of flexible container which seals in a watertight manner.

Dry bags are often used during outdoor activities where sensitive items would otherwise get wet.

They are often a construction of plastic-coated fabric & waterproofed fabric which is formed to create an impermeable, water-ingress protected bag.


Need toughness and reliability dry bags ?

We’ve got your back !

ViQ Waterproof Backpack rolls shut, can float and includes a removable shoulder strap for easy transport.

A very dense and smooth rubber with rounded bottoms and a tube-like shape.


How to use ?

When using a dry bag, it is vital to ensure the roll top closure is folded at least three times, to create a watertight seal.


Hand held style 10 litre design.

Backpack/hand held style 20 litre design.

Colors ?

Classy Black and Adventurous Orange.